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We include all the bait and tackle, free filleting, hot coffee, and a warm heated cabin. You will want to bring any or all of the below listed items to make your trip even more enjoyable. 

1) Layered Clothing: Outside temperatures can vary greatly. It is nice to be able to layer from a t-shirt to a medium weight jacket and sweat shirt.

2) Rubber Boots or shoes that can get some water on them: Many people just wear tennis shoes but we will be washing the deck frequently to keep it clean. Rubber boots will keep your feet dry.

3) Rain Jacket and Pants: This is Alaska and you never know.

4) Camera: Share your memories with your friends. Most of our fish are filleted at sea so if you want a picture of yours bring a camera.

5) Alaska Fishing License: This is a must have item.

6) Lunch: A hearty lunch is recommended. You can get pretty hungry reeling in lots of big fish.


  What Tide Should I Fish?

There are many misconceptions and rumors about the best tide to fish. Some fishermen will not fish small tides, some will not fish large tides. There are certainly areas you donít want to fish on either extreme but when planning your trip, first consideration should be your schedule.

For those of you who want to book your trip based on tides, we have included a tide chart. Our Captains choose their daily fishing spots based on the days tide and personal experience. For the larger tides (15 to 25 ft.), we generally fish shallow waters such as 40 to 150 ft. and for the smaller tides (15 ft. or less), we generally fish the deeper waters like 150 ft. or greater. As a general rule, the smaller the tide the "easier" the fishing, not "better". We have had some of our most successful trips on the larger tides. Cook Inlet has some very large tide swings, but because of all the islands in our fishing area, we are able to fish away from the main currents, making a better trip for you.


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